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Catalyst is a Eurorack module that allows precise macro control of your patch.

  • 8 outputs offering 16bit precision CVs in a range from 0V to 10V or -5V to 5V
  • 8 scenes per bank, 8 banks in total
  • 8 LED backlit encoders for precise parameter editing
  • Crossfader for scene interpolation with a convenient 60mm of travel
  • Copy/Paste function for scenes
  • Crossfader motion recording for up to 20 seconds
  • Physical animation of the crossfader position
  • Crossfader:
    - 60mm travel
    - 4096 points resolution
    - 15000 cycles operating life
    - 0.3 - 2.5N operating force - resistive contact strip technology


16hp - 25mm depth

+12V 135mA    ||    -12V 17mA